Monday, August 5, 2013

Toyotas are noisy and all the dumb stuff.

In typical Laura style, I couldn't even get through a trip to Sydney for surgery without something dumb happening. 

T'was 8am, the morning after my surgery and I was literally busting my guts open to get in the car and home to my babies. 
We were in the car park, trying to put the enormous amount of the crap that I packed, positive I would need but didn't even use half of, into the car. 
The car wouldn't open. 
It's been happening a lot lately, the keyless not working, and I for some reason decided it was just because it was cold, because it always eventually worked. 

Turns out the battery was actually going flat. And decided to go completely flat whilst in Sydney. 

Me, being clever and stuff, pulled out the emergency key thingy in the keyless thingy and unlocked the door. I was all high fiving myself until the car alarm started. And wouldn't stop!! Turns out using the actual key to get into your car is the same as breaking into it, and Toyotas like to scream their heads off about it! 

After a good 45 minutes of the car yelling and screaming and flashing its lights, and me swearing while the husband, having the brains and all, read the manual, we managed to shut it up. And start the car. And then we drove. And drove. All the while the car telling us that we didn't actually have the key, which was a big fat lie! 

I prayed that we wouldn't stall. The husband prayed that we found a Toyota dealer before we needed to stop for fuel. 
We did the latter, thankfully. 

The moral here? 

Change the freaking batteries! 
And all the dumb stuff happens to me.