Sunday, July 7, 2013

School holiday sanity savers - activities for children.

School holidays are more often than not a time of dread for me. My kids, all three, home for two whole weeks! They are such busy little creatures that I really need to be on my game to stay a step ahead of them in order to avoid the "I'm bored's". And I know that once they arrive, the fighting and screaming follows not long after!

With week one down, with very arguments, and what one could almost pleasant, here are my hot tips and activities.

* Keep food handy. Because holidays mean everyone is always starving. I keep my fruit bowl brimming so they can graze all day.

* Set the kids up with a pad of coloured origami/craft paper, some scissors and a glue stick. The creativity they can exude is wonderful and your house will soon be decorated in colourful creations!

* Make the most of the sunshine: outside games, walks, trampolines.

* make friends with a builder or the local tech teacher and grab some wood off cuts (they will only be throwing them out so will be happy to have you cart them away), pick up a pack of nails and hand the kids a hammer and let them be creative with a whole new medium! Throw in a pot of wood glue if you have littler people. Great for hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, establishing a hand preference, building muscle tone and creativity!

* Bake up a storm!! Arm yourself with some packet mixes or pull out the cook books and start from scratch. Let the kids go crazy with the decorations.

*Make use of your local library. A lot will also have some great school holiday activities.

* Jump online and print off some colouring pages of your child's favorite characters. These Wonky Donkey colouring sheets are our fav.

* Make blanket cubby houses.

* Have a tea party

* Host a birthday party for a favorite toy, or pet.

* Give the kids a set $ amount to spend on buying something from the store.

Do have a good holiday activity? 

I would love for you to share. Leave a comment or email it and I will add it to the list. 

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