Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Keep Calm, There's a Royal Baby.

So, there has been a Royal Baby born. I know this because it is the only I have seen on facebook, twitter, the news, EVERYWHERE.

It got me thinking of a few years ago when my youngest was born. We had not long moved from one One Horse Town to another and knew almost no one. We knew our everyday baby was on its way and we relied on family to help us out, having two other kids already.

My sister came on my due date, and for the start of 4 day labour. When she left, my inlaws arrived to take on the job. Then my pop called, and thought he might "just duck over for a visit".

"umm, yes you can, but I'm about to have a baby" I said.

"That's ok, I'll fix up those wardrobe doors, they need doing" he replied.

"Yeah, that's ok, but I'm really about to have a baby, like, I'm having contractions now, we'll be going to hospital when they get stronger".

I thought this would put him off. Being the old school manly man that he is, I figured he wouldn't want to be there to witness any of this and would come over at a later date.

I was wrong.

I was in labour for a good few days.

And in this time, I had more visitors than I ever had at my house!

My dad visited for the first time ever, the inlaws came to stay and help, and my pop came, to allegedly hang doors.

This was plenty of audience for me. Watching me waddle around. Grab onto cupboards as a contraction started. Watching me prepare to give birth. Including the frantic dash to pack my hospital bag which I always leave to the last minute.

It was because of this 'experience', that my thoughts turned to Kate last night. All the media. All the exposure. All the audience.

At the end of the day, she is a woman. A woman who just gave birth to her first child. I understand the excitement, I under that she is 'Royal' and that is expected.

 But really, don't we owe any new mum, Royal, celebrity, whatever, a little moment to breathe? A moment to take it all in?

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