Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why motorbike helmets should be part of the school uniform

I had a baby five years ago. Last week he started school. How this happened I have no idea!

You see, I don't have babies so they can grow up. I have babies to have babies. Yet somewhere along the line two of them have found their way into school and one really isn't far off going with them. I am dreading that day.

I am the parent who doesn't want to send my kids to school. I think the idea of homeschooling is a great one, where they can spend their days me, the person who knows how to look after them like they should be looked after.

When Elliot  started school I was a wreck. I was certain right up to the last second that I would keep her home. In fact, I kept her home a year longer than her friends. But still, she went.

The night of fletcher starting I was in his bed, dreading the morning.

I attempted to buy him a mobile phone to take in his bag in case there was an emergency so then he could at least text me. The farmer said no.

I cried sending him. He didn't know what all the fuss was about. He was fine. He didn't even want to hold my hand while I walked him into school for the very first time.

I was gutted.

Three days into school and he comes home, gives me a big cheeky smile, and there was a tooth missing. MISSING.  gone.  No longer there.  A huge gap.

Apparently he fell and hit a table.

" oh he lost his first tooth!"

Yeah, he did. The only problem is it wasn't even loose!

I send my baby to school and I get duped out of his first ever loose tooth.

The farmer declared $50 was too much from the tooth fairy for a knocked out tooth.
I declared he wasn't going back to school without a mobile and a motorbike helmet.

Do you have first week of school shocker? 

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