Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How do you know your a working mother?

You know your a working mum when...


* You realise you have no clothes left before they are all over your bathroom floor, unwashed.


*Coffee is a perfectly acceptable meal replacement.


*Beautiful meals that you used to really enjoyed cooking and eating are replaced with the quickest meals you can think of, a roast is unheard of, salad is no longer a side dish but a meal itself and you haven't baked a cake in months.


*You don't even know how much you earn anymore because you haven't had to go to the bank since your last pay rise so every purchase has been made on Eftpos.


*You start to become jealous of SAHM's.


*A pony tail is a perfectly acceptable hairstyle, but on the bright side your hair super healthy due to the lack of time for heat styling!


*Sex and the City is the closest thing you have to a social life.


*You begin see the benefit of a nanny. Not because she can nurture your darling CrotchFruit, but because she can mop.



Are you a working mother?

How the hell do you keep it together??




  1. LOL! I can relate to all of those points!

  2. I'm not really a working mum anyone but this is so true.


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