Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My wife went to the grocery store and all I got was a shitload of rice

Sometimes, I am pretty sure my brain just stops functioning. Like, completely.

Lucky for me its only temporary. Or maybe the functionality is only temporary. Either or.

Yesterday I had to grab a few things for work (Special Ed teacher). We like rice. Lots of rice. And Velcro. We Velcro everything.  So off I ducked to the grocery store for Velcro and rice.

SCORE. 10kg's of rice HALF PRICE!

My day hen continued as normal, you know, pick up the smallest child from day care early because they think she has hand foot and mouth, cook dinner, try to explain to the almost 5 year old that he cant invite more people to his birthday party than I had at my wedding, try not to slap my husband, etc etc.

This morning my boss called (home with foot and mouth girl) wondering where the receipt was for the rice and Velcro. Ummmmm. Shit. Did I even get a receipt? I'm sure I did. Maybe.

I bought myself some time by telling her I would check in the car. Which I did, and found my handbag and wallet collectively homed about a gazillion receipts, and then some. Except for the one I was looking for.

So I did the only I could do. I went back to the grocery store, bought a pack of Velcro and a bag of rice, and this time kept the receipt and dropped it promptly on the boss's desk.

The question is,

What the hell am I going to do with 10kgs of bloody rice?

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