Thursday, October 11, 2012

Love Actually

Today is my wedding anniversary.

Four years.

In those four years we have had two houses, a new town, another baby, a new car, a new job and me going to work part time, new friends and loads of memories.

My husband isn't really one to celebrate these kinds of things. Each year I have bought him a gift, and each year he has forgotten. So this year I decided I wouldn't worry about it, as clearly that isn't 'our thing'.

In gods typical punking me fashion, I woke up and went about my usual morning routine - walking/stumbling to the kettle in a foul mood and a face that says 'dont dare speak to me until I get caffeine'. When I got to the kettle however, there was a beautifully wrapped gift awaiting me.

My foul mood and set in stone morning routine meant that I couldn't yet a muster a smile so I waited until after coffee before ripping the paper off.

My husband was once terribly observant. He could tell me things that I didn't even realise about myself, could remind me of what I had in wardrobe already when I was out shopping so I could match old with new, his observations were remarkable.

But it appears he is slipping.

This morning I unwrapped a gorgeous (and I mean gorgeous) pair of earrings.

They are so gorgeous and I love them so much that I already own them!

While his observations may have slipped, at least he has my taste and style worked out!



Do you celebrate your anniversary?

Any gift giving / receiving stories?





  1. Oh my goodness. That is SO freaking funny. How naughty is your husband? You should go out and buy yourself a different pair of earrings and say they're from him. Heck. I've done it. Happy anniversary lovers!

  2. Haha, at least you have a back-up pair now!! Or perhaps it's time for some new piercings so you can wear them all at once?!

  3. Happy Anniversary ! We ALWAYS celebrate our anniversary - not often with presents any more but definitely a card and dinner.
    Hope you had a great day !

  4. Always good to have extra earrings as I am always loosing them

  5. Happy anniversary Laura! I found you through twitter when Tegan mentioned you in a conversation. Apparently you are looking for bloggers in the central NSW area? Anyway sorry this wasnt supposed to be part of the comment lol. It's such a wonderful thing to be surprised! I was recently surprised by Husband during our anniversary too. Its not really our thing to get gifts too so we promised to just have simple dinner and card but he ended up surprising me with presents. I wouldnt expect it again though lol. Probably a one off. Following your blog through GFC now :) xx Mandy


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