Monday, September 24, 2012

Stuff I know part one

There's lots of stuff I don't know. I will pretend I know all about it though.
There is however, lots of stuff I do know. Allow me to enlighten you.

* Babies are babies. They do not know what they want, that's why they have parents as opposed to living their own.

* You should clean out the filter on your reverse cycle more than once a year. Man, the difference it makes is unbelievable! And the shit that comes out is equally as unbelievable.

* Purple is the colour of swingers. Who knew?!

* It takes 14 weeks to get a Mr K bridesmaids dress. I know this because I need one in 4 weeks time and didn't order it 10 weeks ago.

*  Allowing your husband to count your shoes is a really really really bad idea and will leave you in the midst of what can only be called an intervention.

* Tattoos really are addictive. Even if you hate needles and faint when you get them.

* Orange traffic lights never give you enough time to get through them.

* Icing sugar is nothing like cornflour.

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