Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Top 10 meals to cook when you can't be stuffed cooking.

We all have those nights, when we have no idea what we are going to cook for dinner, no inspiration, no motivation, no time, no care. Dont pretend you dont know what i'm talking about! I'm on to you!

I have these days at least one out of the seven in the week. I used to blame it on the fact that I was at home all day and didnt want to step foot in the kitchen again, but since starting work, and still having those days, I have realised that its just a wonderful personality trait I have, the "can't we eat ethopian" trait, or "couldnt give a stuff trait" which often flows over into more areas of my life than just cooking.

So here is my  Top 10 Things To Cook When You Cant Be Stuffed Cooking.

#1. Pasta, of any kind. Takes 20 mins and your done!
If your feeling really lovely, whack a garlic bread in the oven and grate some cheese. The best part is, if your cooking for kids, you can get this awesome koala shaped pasta that will make any shitty pasta meal look gourmet to anyone under 10. Trust me.

#2. Any type of meat you have, (except maybe fish), thrown in the oven with a can of tomatos. Add mashed potato and voila, baby you made a casserole!

#3. As above, but throw in some curry powder. replace mash with rice, and voila, baby you made a curry!

#4. Tacos. Nuf said.

#5. Fried rice. So quick, so simple, and make enough for lunch boxes the next day!

#6 Gourmet Toasted Sandwiches. Slap your awesome ingredients and some basil/ cranberry jely/ nice cheese on some bread and toast.

#7. Shepherds pie. Mince, veg, tomatos, gravox, mashed potato on the top. If your feeling fancy, add a layer of grated cheese between the mince and spud.

#8. A cup a soup. Your welcome.

#9. Pancakes. Mmmm

#10. My personal favourite, you make your husband take you out for tea! Or order pizza. Winning.

What do you cook when you can't be arsed to cook at all?


  1. These all get a run at our house!

    1. Is there any greater feeling than having dinner ready in half an hour? I think not.

  2. My fave is Spinach and Ricotta triangles. Just open a pack of fraozen said triangles and pop them in a hot oven for 20 mins or so. Easy and delish! Probably not very nutrious though. But some days we just don't care.

  3. Omelettes are my go to can't be bothered meal. Or tinned spaghetti. Too easy and the kids are happy.


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