Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rule #1 - Always look your best. You never know when you have to do canteen duty.

I am generally one to dance in the rain.

But today, its too cold to dance.

The munchkins had soccer and I was hinting all morning that it was too cold/wet/muddy/miserable to be out.

They didn't buy it. And really didn't care if I told them it was literally going to rain down cats and dogs on their heads and their noses would drop off from the icy wind, they were going to soccer regardless.

The downfall of that is that they need two parents to attend as they play on opposite sides of the giant fields.

I was smart enough to hatch a plan. After last night, I'm not sure how I managed to think so quick on my feet, but I did. (if you follow my facebook page, you will know why).

Little mousie and I will stay in the car, and watch the big girl play, while The Farmer goes over with the little man. Awesome.

But as we all know, well laid out plans never go to, well, plan.

Off we go to soccer. No need to get dressed, because I'm not getting out of the car, so these old trackies with the paint splatters will be fine. No need to brush my hair because I'm not getting out of the car, throwing it up in a big clip will do. No need to hide the giant bags under my eyes from the shenanigans last night, because I'm not getting out of the car.

All was well.

Until I arrive.

And am informed that the under 6's team is on canteen duty. Are you kidding me?

I almost died at that point. Until I was told that the under 10's team is too.

Double canteen duty. When I look like a bogan. Thank you world. Thank you very much.

I like to end my posts in a question. But today, I got nothing. Because I'm sure I'm the only person stupid enough to leave my house looking the way I did. 

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  1. I am certain you didn't post this to give us cause to laugh but laugh I did - because, while I didn't have to do canteen duty, after we moved here we were busy renovating and Bunnings was our most visited shop ! We were in and out of there so often I wondered if they were going to offer us jobs there. Anyway, one particular day I had been busy painting and I had my painting clothes on (which I knew about) but I my hair had been driving me mad so I had taken a whole bunch of butterfly clips and put them through out my hair - maybe 12-14 of them !!! I forgot I had them in - and off we went to Bunnings. Neither A nor K said anything to me. WE got home and I went to the bathroom and while later and nearly had a fit that neither of them had told me just how bad I looked. Not a smidge of make-up in sight - painting clothes - thongs on my feet - and my delightful hairstyle. I often wondered after that when I went into Bunnings what they thought of me until I realised that they probably didn't care and didn't remember me anyway !!!
    Luckily we only knew about 6 people on the coast and we didn't bump into anyone we knew !!


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