Friday, May 25, 2012

Punching air rather than my husband

Its a cold freezing day. Freezing freezing. And a bit rainy. And lots of freezing.

Which means we are all in the house. Together. No escape. And its beginning to feel claustrophobic. Or like I'm in an episode of 'Big Brother'. Because surely, people couldn't possibly be attempting to piss me off this much if it's not for others entertainment and *quality viewing*.

I cannot win a trick today. Not one.

And that is mostly due to The Farmer being a shit stirring prick really lovely person.

All I am hearing is blah blah blah. I'm sure there are words in there, but they are far from important.

For today at least.

Think I'm over exaggerating?

"Farmer, you really need to do your tax. Its annoying me. And the lovely people at centrelink keep reminding that you have until the end of June, so please, go and do it. Its not that hard".

Cue whinging tone.

"Well have you made me an appointment?"

At no point did I realise I had taken on the role of secretary.

"Why cant you make your own appointment? After all, you know when your available!"

This is where the farmer told me all about how he was SOOOO organised to go, he is just waiting on me to make the appointment for him. Because, clearly, he cant use a phone.

This is the point that I started laughing, secretly under my breath, because it was the biggest joke I had ever heard! I snuck off outside, thinking, knowing, that I could totally win this. With one little phone call.

I pulled out the life saving iPhone, and googled accountants in town. I called. I got him an appointment for that afternoon. In an hour.

I was punching air! I am the QUEEN! Never speak to me like that Farmer and blame me for your lazy arse.

I came back inside and told him to grab all his stuff that he has so organised because he has an appointment in an hour. He accused me of lying.
The reason he accused me of lying, is because he was calling the accountant at the same time and they told him they had no bookings that day. power of woman!
He ranted, and raved actually, about how much of a liar I was. I laughed hard. And told him to sit and watch me cancel his appointment. Which I promptly did.

His jaw dropped.

The secretary laughed herself silly.

I punched air again.

Now I sit here. On top of the world. Or mine, at least.

Have you ever had a win so good, that it filled your heart with glee?

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