Thursday, May 17, 2012

My new mate Giuseppe AKA Have you ever been picked up by a telemarketer? AKA YES, YES, YES, Optus.

You know those phone calls you avoid, the ones that come from an unknown number and when you call them back you get no answer and the distinct feeling that you are being transferred to India to be convinced you need to buy something? Or donate money to the epilepsy foundation? Yeah those ones. The ones that call at the most inconvenient of times.

Ive been getting this random number calling me lately. I tried to call it back once, just in case it was someone I like with a new number. And because I'm curious like that.

On Tuesday it called me while I was enjoying a coffee in the sun after work, getting frustrated because everyone I knew was at work still (it was 1pm) and I really wanted to chat to someone that was over of age of 5 about nothing particular. Work was pretty heavy that morning.

My mobile rang. The worst thing about mobiles is being able to have your favourite song as your ring tone, because all too often I get distracted dancing and singing and miss the call. But on Tuesday I was just excited because after trying to call all my peeps in the hope someone had chucked a sickie, I thought maybe one of them was calling me back. When I picked up the phone however, it was this damn '03' number that I kept avoiding.

The thought that it may have been someone important calling me crossed my mind just the day before.
What if someones in hospital?
What if it's my bank?
What if I won lotto??!!

Curiosity killed the cat, so I'm told. Meow.

Turns out no one is hospital, my bank is sweet, and I didn't win the bloody lotto.

Instead, it was my new mate Giuseppe.
Giuseppe works for Optus, who happens to be my phone provider, and Giuseppe wanted to know why I keep going over my cap.

The only thing stopping me from hanging up is the fact that he didn't have an Indian accent and I was desperate to chat to someone.

I explained to Giuseppe that my love of MMS is whats killing me, as stupid Optus doesn't include it in my plan. He gave me info and a phone number that I pretended to write down to go onto a higher plan that includes MMS.
That was the point of his phone call, of course. However through the course of the conversation Giuseppe filled me in on his love life - he is recently separated, and we bonded over our mutual love of shoes - half of his collection is in storage after said breakup.

But then, came the highlight of my day. Maybe week. Possibly year.
Giuseppe asked me on a date. Which will involve shoe shopping.

 "If I am ever in your area Laura, we have date".

"Sure thing, you have my number!".

When I told the farmer, who was away for work, he barely bat an eyelid. "That's nice darl".
He is used to this random only ever happens to me stuff.

So now, I leave you with this...

{I'm sure this is Giuseppe, and I plan on using the line 'Yes, Optus' in bed sometime, just because of The Farmers lack of concern over the whole debarcle. I'll give him thats nice darl?}


Have you ever picked up the Optus dude?

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  1. I know that Optus number now, they are persistent!! But, never been asked on a date, you must have a sexy voice! Haha!


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