Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Say What??

So it would seem a certain photo on the Facebook Page caused somewhat of a stir yesterday.

And last night.

And still, this morning.

I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion, even it differs with my own. And a lot of these are differing with my own.

The issue of body image. We see it everywhere, this issue being brought up, the media 'trying' to make a difference and claim that they are aware of it. Pffft.

I have boobs. I have a bum. Hell you've all seen it if you have been around here long enough. All the work we did, the message we tried to get out with 'Love Your Body', somehow seems to have fallen on deaf ears. In some cases at least.

A certain claim that Ms Monroe is unhealthy in her weight, and that a size 6 is what we should all strive for has my gut all twisted today...

So, I think I might go make myself a croissant and see how I feel after that.

Cheers Ladies, don't ever forget to embrace yourself, exactly as you are.