Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{review} Bioeffective Gel | Using mother nature

As soon as I became a parent I was suddenly so much more conscious of everything that I used within my home.

I was paying attention to what is in soaps, cleaning products, the additives in food, everything.

Each year I become a little more anal about it.

Each year I seem to add another thing to list, another thing that I can bring back to nature, that I can keep simple.

We grow our own veges, there are very few that are store bought.

We eat free range and organic meat.

We bake our own bread, and the farmer has big plans of making our own flour (he is a hippy kind of agronomist, so his clients have some back to basics high class produce that we can easily get out hands on).

We keep it simple. We like to use what the world is giving us, before introducing anything else.

So, when I was asked to review Bioeffective Gel, I was pretty excited about it.

Basically, these clever people have studied the Russian conifer tree's extraordinary natural healing powers, developed a way to extract and preserve these natural 'live elements' from the conifer needles, and bottle it to produce Bioeffective Gel!

My 3 kids are pretty rough and tumble, Wommy and Mousie in particular. There is not a day that goes by that they don't have a cut, scratch, bite or graze.

So far, over the past week, we have used this on:

* The everyday cuts and grazes on little hands and knees.

* The dermatitis I get under my wedding rings from washing up (two days and it totally cleared this up!!!! I am a bit excited about that).

* Mosquito bites, when they are still a red itchy lump, and the ones that have been scratched and are all, well, yuck.

Pretty much every ailment that has walked through the door, I have thrown the Bioeffective Gel at! And each time, it has done a brilliant job.

It also contains Aloe Vera, natural Vitamin E and olive leaf extract, which makes it great for minor burns and cuts, not to mention sunburn of it ever decided to warm up this summer!

I am super impressed with this product, but I have to say, the smell isn't great, and the colour may turn you off. But if you can look past that, you will love it too!

I will be stashing tubes in my handbag, The Prado, and The Farmers Hilux this week. It's my new essential.

Bioeffective Gel can be found at Chemmart and other pharmacies Australia wide, just look for the shiny bright green box (it's rather pretty) for $19.95.

Do you like to use the simple things that nature provided us with?
Or do you think I'm a control freak? ;)

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