Friday, December 2, 2011

Icing sugar is nothing like Cornflour

Last week, we were getting into the throes of  ' damn you bank hacker we are starting to run out of enticing food'.

Like Old Mother Hubbard, my cupboard was bare.

I pulled out my best Continental Ad move, and opened the crisper drawer to see what rolled out at me that I could turn into a meal.

There wasn't much, but with my not much and a random recipe base that The Farmer had bought one day and I stashed in the back of the pantry because it looked like shit, I was saved.

Honey Chicken Stir Fry was the special of the day.

I followed all of the directions. Truly I did. And it did not do anything that it was meant to and looked, well, odd.  It was meant to crisp up. Instead it just formed this bleh looking gravy.

I wasn't impressed. The kids thought it was awesome. I bowed out and had Ethiopian. I think The Farmer ate it, but I think that had more to do with the fact that he bought the recipe base and felt he needed to look like he had done a good thing.

Fast Forward  to last night.

The ingerdients were looking pretty dismal. By dismal I mean not a single vegetable other than half a spanish onion in the house. I managed to find an ancient pack of mixed frozen vege's from the depths of the freezer, and made a plan for tuna mornay.

I was making the white sauce and it was taking forever to thicken up. I had decided to use cornflour this time, as I'm pretty sure that's what your meant to use, and I never have it, so was getting rather cranky with how shit the cornflour was at doing it's job.

Fast forward half an hour and it still wasn't happening. It smelt like it should, all nice and onioney, but it wasnt thickening!

Que the taste test.

Insert my almost vomiting into the kitchen sink.

Washing it down with this is the only thing that could have made it worse!

WHAT THE HELL? I have made this time and time again, without fail. In fact, its the only sauce I can make. I cant even make instant gravy.

I put it all down to the cornflour. It was the only constant in both meals. I picked up the jar that I had it stored in, and shook it a bit. Yep, all fine there.

I smelt it. It smelt kinda... sweet.

When I tasted the sauce, because it tasted nothing like it was meant to or like I was expecting it to, I didn't register anything other than shit.

As it turns out what I was tasting was sweet sweet icing sugar.

I learnt a few lessons.

1 - things may not taste the way they look
2 - when you take things out of the packaging, LABEL the freaking jar!
3-  a good cook always tastes the food!

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  1. Oh no - if only you didn't have to taste it to know that it was that awful !!! My BIL once put salt in a friends coffee instead of sugar - I imagine he wanted to do the same as you.

    Hope your bank manages to sort something out for you soon.

    Try to have a good weekend !


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