Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chalk and Cheese

I've been doing a lot of planning this week.

Attempting to make plans for Xmas, and holidays, and crafting, and the like.

That's one thing I am really good at. Thinking about making plans.
Actually putting them into place is another thing.

That's the great thing about The Farmer.
I tell him all my pipe dreams, all my plans for one day when I feel doing it, and then, over time, he kinda makes them happen.

I'm the thinker, he's the doer.

I think a cubby house is a great idea. He finds one and we build it. OK, he builds most of it, and I just help occasionally. With the heavy lifting which I am hopeless at and the giving of instructions on how it has it to be.

I want to make our own bread, and The farmer buys a bread maker and uses it more diligently than I.
In my defence, I do occasionally use it, when he hasn't already done it.

I want to make MORE truffles, and he gets me all the ingredients.
I do start making them, but as I leave them to cool, in my pms state, decide that eating it straight from the bowl is a much better option.

The Farmer and I, we are nothing alike.
But they say opposites attract. That's definitely the case here.

He See's a mountain, and wants to climb it. I see a mountain and wait patiently underneath with my camera and a good book until he gets back.

So, our holiday plans are hard to plan.
To me a holiday is when I get to do sweet nothing.
To him, holidays are for doing EVERYTHING you can imagine.

But, we have a destination, which is a great start. (Anyone in the Port Stephens area want to do coffee, call me).

You will be bale to find me with one of these in each hand.

Are you and your partner kindred spirits?
Or chalk and cheese?

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  1. In some instances, we are kindred spirits but then there are times when we are like chalk and cheese - it is fun when we find the differences and can work them out !


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