Thursday, December 8, 2011

But what are the relo's thinking of us now?

So, The Farmer and I don't get out very often.

Which is not really surprising, because lets face it, when you have 3 kids, one of which has no idea of the term sleep, and you have spent the last two years living at freaking BOGAN GATE, (the place is as bad and the name) and you have to drive half an hour just to get anywhere decent.

So when we do go out, we make it good. We make sure we have a RIPPER of a time.
And, there is usually photographic evidence of just how much alcohol fun we have had.
We have fun, we laugh, we pull dumb faces to cameras. We take selfies. We ENJOY it!
That's the reason that there are no photos of us in our house. Loads of the kids, loads of the extended family, but us, together, NONE!

This has never really been a problem. Never made me cringe. Until yesterday.

You see, my MIL writes a xmas newsletter, of sorts, each year. I lovely catch up of the year that has past, a recount of how much all of the grandchildren have grown. Photo's. It really is lovely, and it gets posted around to the world, to the family in Germany, and all the friends in between.

The MIL bangs her head against brick walls all year trying to get photos of everyone being lovely to add to said newsletter. I do all I can to escape it. I'm not a fan of the pretend smiles because a camera is in my face, I prefer the candid shots. So, she has to hound us and get us to email some photos throughout the year.

Which we comply too. But we never really think of where they might end up.

This is what she had to choose from this year, in regards to The Farmer and I:

Yes, we are stupid. But at least we have FUN! As The Farmer says, every time I cringe, "Darl, that's the time we got trashed and danced all night at Kylie's Wedding, rather the time we stood at her reception and pretended to smile at the camera".

So true, Farmer, so true.

But still.... I still find it cringe worthy that THIS has gone viral through the snail mail, to people we know and people we don't...

A shameless selfie by The Farmer, because his arms are longer than mine. And for the first time ever I look taller than him. I do like that.

In my MIL's defence, its probably the best of the best that she had to work with!

My New Years Resolution you ask?

To take at least one sensible photo each year!

If you think I'm joking, and that we do sometimes be sensible and take a decent, normal, photo, just wait until I show you my wedding photos! Then you will understand... Ahh the memories.

Do you get added to, or write your own xmas newsletter catchup?

Do you take sensible photo's?

Or are you too busy being a dumbshit like us? 


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  1. Perfectly posed photos seem like a lie to me. I think the photos of you and the Farmer are great. You can look at them and know you were having fun rather than looking back at them and remembering how someone was telling you to pose and smile for the camera.

    On another note, I so want to start my own family newsletter! Such a cute idea.


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