Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{review} Bioeffective Gel | Using mother nature

As soon as I became a parent I was suddenly so much more conscious of everything that I used within my home.

I was paying attention to what is in soaps, cleaning products, the additives in food, everything.

Each year I become a little more anal about it.

Each year I seem to add another thing to list, another thing that I can bring back to nature, that I can keep simple.

We grow our own veges, there are very few that are store bought.

We eat free range and organic meat.

We bake our own bread, and the farmer has big plans of making our own flour (he is a hippy kind of agronomist, so his clients have some back to basics high class produce that we can easily get out hands on).

We keep it simple. We like to use what the world is giving us, before introducing anything else.

So, when I was asked to review Bioeffective Gel, I was pretty excited about it.

Basically, these clever people have studied the Russian conifer tree's extraordinary natural healing powers, developed a way to extract and preserve these natural 'live elements' from the conifer needles, and bottle it to produce Bioeffective Gel!

My 3 kids are pretty rough and tumble, Wommy and Mousie in particular. There is not a day that goes by that they don't have a cut, scratch, bite or graze.

So far, over the past week, we have used this on:

* The everyday cuts and grazes on little hands and knees.

* The dermatitis I get under my wedding rings from washing up (two days and it totally cleared this up!!!! I am a bit excited about that).

* Mosquito bites, when they are still a red itchy lump, and the ones that have been scratched and are all, well, yuck.

Pretty much every ailment that has walked through the door, I have thrown the Bioeffective Gel at! And each time, it has done a brilliant job.

It also contains Aloe Vera, natural Vitamin E and olive leaf extract, which makes it great for minor burns and cuts, not to mention sunburn of it ever decided to warm up this summer!

I am super impressed with this product, but I have to say, the smell isn't great, and the colour may turn you off. But if you can look past that, you will love it too!

I will be stashing tubes in my handbag, The Prado, and The Farmers Hilux this week. It's my new essential.

Bioeffective Gel can be found at Chemmart and other pharmacies Australia wide, just look for the shiny bright green box (it's rather pretty) for $19.95.

Do you like to use the simple things that nature provided us with?
Or do you think I'm a control freak? ;)

Monday, December 12, 2011


Tomorrow marks another year since my mum passed away.

Another year down.

So many more to go.

I am posting this today, as I'm not sure I will have the strength to do so tomorrow.

On the 13th of each December, I like to do something fun. With my family. With my kids. And I usually end up back on that grassy area, with the plaque and the angel, and reflect for a while.
It's where I feel closest. At peace. Free to share any emotion I have.
It's hard to go out there. Kills me actually, that drive.
But once I'm there, and once I leave, I feel so much better.


Grief affects everyone, in some way or another. And every person experiences it differently to the next.
We can never judge our neighbour for the way they feel it. Deal with it. Handle it.


The wounds, they stop bleeding.
But the holes that are left are never filled.
As the years go on,  the everyday pain lessens, but the holes, they become more apparent.
Gaping open at the most inappropriate times.
There are not enough bandaid's in the world to cover them up, and keep them closed.


A certain song.
A smell.
A phrase.
A flower.
A date.

All so beautiful, yet so painful.


Missing. Every day missing. Every year missing. Every moment missing.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

But what are the relo's thinking of us now?

So, The Farmer and I don't get out very often.

Which is not really surprising, because lets face it, when you have 3 kids, one of which has no idea of the term sleep, and you have spent the last two years living at freaking BOGAN GATE, (the place is as bad and the name) and you have to drive half an hour just to get anywhere decent.

So when we do go out, we make it good. We make sure we have a RIPPER of a time.
And, there is usually photographic evidence of just how much alcohol fun we have had.
We have fun, we laugh, we pull dumb faces to cameras. We take selfies. We ENJOY it!
That's the reason that there are no photos of us in our house. Loads of the kids, loads of the extended family, but us, together, NONE!

This has never really been a problem. Never made me cringe. Until yesterday.

You see, my MIL writes a xmas newsletter, of sorts, each year. I lovely catch up of the year that has past, a recount of how much all of the grandchildren have grown. Photo's. It really is lovely, and it gets posted around to the world, to the family in Germany, and all the friends in between.

The MIL bangs her head against brick walls all year trying to get photos of everyone being lovely to add to said newsletter. I do all I can to escape it. I'm not a fan of the pretend smiles because a camera is in my face, I prefer the candid shots. So, she has to hound us and get us to email some photos throughout the year.

Which we comply too. But we never really think of where they might end up.

This is what she had to choose from this year, in regards to The Farmer and I:

Yes, we are stupid. But at least we have FUN! As The Farmer says, every time I cringe, "Darl, that's the time we got trashed and danced all night at Kylie's Wedding, rather the time we stood at her reception and pretended to smile at the camera".

So true, Farmer, so true.

But still.... I still find it cringe worthy that THIS has gone viral through the snail mail, to people we know and people we don't...

A shameless selfie by The Farmer, because his arms are longer than mine. And for the first time ever I look taller than him. I do like that.

In my MIL's defence, its probably the best of the best that she had to work with!

My New Years Resolution you ask?

To take at least one sensible photo each year!

If you think I'm joking, and that we do sometimes be sensible and take a decent, normal, photo, just wait until I show you my wedding photos! Then you will understand... Ahh the memories.

Do you get added to, or write your own xmas newsletter catchup?

Do you take sensible photo's?

Or are you too busy being a dumbshit like us? 


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chalk and Cheese

I've been doing a lot of planning this week.

Attempting to make plans for Xmas, and holidays, and crafting, and the like.

That's one thing I am really good at. Thinking about making plans.
Actually putting them into place is another thing.

That's the great thing about The Farmer.
I tell him all my pipe dreams, all my plans for one day when I feel doing it, and then, over time, he kinda makes them happen.

I'm the thinker, he's the doer.

I think a cubby house is a great idea. He finds one and we build it. OK, he builds most of it, and I just help occasionally. With the heavy lifting which I am hopeless at and the giving of instructions on how it has it to be.

I want to make our own bread, and The farmer buys a bread maker and uses it more diligently than I.
In my defence, I do occasionally use it, when he hasn't already done it.

I want to make MORE truffles, and he gets me all the ingredients.
I do start making them, but as I leave them to cool, in my pms state, decide that eating it straight from the bowl is a much better option.

The Farmer and I, we are nothing alike.
But they say opposites attract. That's definitely the case here.

He See's a mountain, and wants to climb it. I see a mountain and wait patiently underneath with my camera and a good book until he gets back.

So, our holiday plans are hard to plan.
To me a holiday is when I get to do sweet nothing.
To him, holidays are for doing EVERYTHING you can imagine.

But, we have a destination, which is a great start. (Anyone in the Port Stephens area want to do coffee, call me).

You will be bale to find me with one of these in each hand.

Are you and your partner kindred spirits?
Or chalk and cheese?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Icing sugar is nothing like Cornflour

Last week, we were getting into the throes of  ' damn you bank hacker we are starting to run out of enticing food'.

Like Old Mother Hubbard, my cupboard was bare.

I pulled out my best Continental Ad move, and opened the crisper drawer to see what rolled out at me that I could turn into a meal.

There wasn't much, but with my not much and a random recipe base that The Farmer had bought one day and I stashed in the back of the pantry because it looked like shit, I was saved.

Honey Chicken Stir Fry was the special of the day.

I followed all of the directions. Truly I did. And it did not do anything that it was meant to and looked, well, odd.  It was meant to crisp up. Instead it just formed this bleh looking gravy.

I wasn't impressed. The kids thought it was awesome. I bowed out and had Ethiopian. I think The Farmer ate it, but I think that had more to do with the fact that he bought the recipe base and felt he needed to look like he had done a good thing.

Fast Forward  to last night.

The ingerdients were looking pretty dismal. By dismal I mean not a single vegetable other than half a spanish onion in the house. I managed to find an ancient pack of mixed frozen vege's from the depths of the freezer, and made a plan for tuna mornay.

I was making the white sauce and it was taking forever to thicken up. I had decided to use cornflour this time, as I'm pretty sure that's what your meant to use, and I never have it, so was getting rather cranky with how shit the cornflour was at doing it's job.

Fast forward half an hour and it still wasn't happening. It smelt like it should, all nice and onioney, but it wasnt thickening!

Que the taste test.

Insert my almost vomiting into the kitchen sink.

Washing it down with this is the only thing that could have made it worse!

WHAT THE HELL? I have made this time and time again, without fail. In fact, its the only sauce I can make. I cant even make instant gravy.

I put it all down to the cornflour. It was the only constant in both meals. I picked up the jar that I had it stored in, and shook it a bit. Yep, all fine there.

I smelt it. It smelt kinda... sweet.

When I tasted the sauce, because it tasted nothing like it was meant to or like I was expecting it to, I didn't register anything other than shit.

As it turns out what I was tasting was sweet sweet icing sugar.

I learnt a few lessons.

1 - things may not taste the way they look
2 - when you take things out of the packaging, LABEL the freaking jar!
3-  a good cook always tastes the food!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

{review} 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail from Fisher-Price : Stock up on a few of these!

Have you seen this?

Is he not just the cutest little bug you have ever seen?

This little creature is the 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail from Fisher-Price and we have been lucky enough to have him visit our house over the past few weeks.

He was intended to come out when my 6 month old nephew came to visit, but as soon as I opened the parcel, Mousie (2) decided that she had to have a turn too. And I really couldn't blame here. This snail is COOL.

Flick the switch and his smiling face will light up and he lets out a weeeeeee before busting out the tunes. The downside to that is I have had 'If your happy and you know it' stuck in my head for the past two weeks.  BUT, he is thoughtful and has a volume control, and even gives you the option of turning him right off!

This little snail is made for interaction, with one side of the shell being a mirror, and a little lady bird on the top that slides back and forth.  Not to mention the gorgeous bright colours and lights.

We discovered one really neat trick to this little snail. And it is a trick that in my opinion, puts him to the top of the Christmas list for all my favourite little people, and little people yet to come.
Under his neck is another little slider, and this one allows you to lock and unlock the snail.
When he is locked, he is stays put, and rocks back and forth when touched, which is so much fun for little people enjoying tummy time or just learning to sit up.


If you unlock the snail, the child can send him scooting along and chase after him!

The recommended age range for the 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail is 3-36 months, and our household has proven that a 6 month old boy, and a 2 year old girl, can both have equal amounts of fun with it!
I just love toys that grow with the child! And this one is value for money.

The 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail from Fisher-Price can be found at Kmart, Target and other toy stores.