Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday {or not so wordless}

Todays Wordless Wednesday is brought to you by: Great Friends.

Two of our great friends were married recently, two of our babes were in the bridal party.
An amazing day, with amazing people, and amazing wine.

This shot is amazeballs. Makes me cry, really, every time I see it. Love that boy xx

My two, at the front, and their new friends. The 'big boy' looked after my little boy all day. It warmed my heart how grown up he made my Wommy feel. Such a lovely kid. And Schnorbie, gorgeous as always. Need I say more?

The bride and groom, and my Fam of 5. The farmer doing some strange mouth thing :/

My Goosey, after she pulled out her hair, and had done a few laps of the dance floor, and my Schnorbie and I, grooving, after a few wines.

And that my friends.... Is love.

I know this was meant to be wordless wednesday, but my words seem to overflow when it comes to pictures of my kids. Apologies.

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