Thursday, November 3, 2011

The weekend is so close I can smell the Vodka!

Today I am filled with excitement and anxiety.

I am packing up the most important people in my life and sending them to visit to g'parents while I pack myself up to head off the big smoke.

Country Mouse visiting my city counterparts. It doesn't happen often.

This weekend I am pulling out my heels and pretty dresses and heading to Sydney for my first EVER concert. (Yep, I do live under a rock. really really) *By first I mean first that I choose to go to for myself, not because its a gift for someone else.

My best gay friend that isn't actually gay will be picking me up at some undisclosed time, and then we are meeting up with some other dudes, some of which I know, some of which I do not, and I am being Laura for a whole weekend.

A whole weekend of eating dinner as late as I want.

A whole weekend of getting out of bed when I please, and going to bed late because I wont be woken through the night and wont be woken in the morning!!

A whole weekend of having a big ol' bed all to myself!

A WHOLE freaking weekend to be nothing but Laura.

Laura who likes to sleep like a starfish and not get up before 9.
Laura who likes her music loud, her dinner late, her showers long, her coffee with half a sugar and lots of milk, her sheets untucked, her pillows fluffy, her feet over the side of the bed, her Vodka with juice and her drinks with laughs.

I am hoping to convince to my travel buddies that a trip to some markets is essential, and maybe hit up Jimmy Choo just to torture myself. Fingers crossed.

I am looking forward to catching up with this Laura. It's been too long. I hope she's still as fun as she used to be.

What are your Sydney suggestions for a Laura without kids? The only pre req is that they have a bar!

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