Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Saving myself from myself | A smokers journey


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My name is Laura and I am a smoker.

A smoker who is trying to quit. And man, is it hard.

It's not so much the cigarettes that are hard to quit, it's the breaking the habits that I have surrounding them.

I have a coffee, and I have a smoke.

I chat on the phone, and I have a smoke.

I get stressed, and I have a smoke. Or many.

The Farmer and I are on a quitting journey. He is much better at it than me. I think it's because he works. So doesn't have as much time to spend on the phone or drinking coffee, and probably isn't as addicted to those habits as I am.

We made a pact, when we bought the town house, that it was to be a non smoking area. So far this has failed. Que the stress related smoking.

BUT we have made some achievements on our quitting path, and are on the way to keeping our promise to ourselves, and really, its more of a promise to our children. We never want them to have to look after us, to care for us because we have Emphysema - best case scenario, or bury us because of a stupid lifestyle choice that we made. And that is the reality of it. A lifestyle choice that we have made that is slowly harming us, potentially killing us.

We have dramatically cut back. The Farmer can do the whole cold turkey thing. I simply cannot. But when I cannot, he cannot. Its a vicious cycle and has caused many an argument.

I come from a family of smokers. Sometimes I think it is in my genetics. But I know it's not.
I have watched many of them quit. And many of them try. And many of them fail.

I have friends who use the 'I know such and such and he smoked since he was 14 and it never killed him'.
He was lucky. And I bet he never knew the full potential of his body, because lets face it, it may not kill you, but it does have a dramatic impact on your health,and in turn, the people that love you.

Is it really worth it? I think not.

I am beating smoking, before smoking beats me.

Join me on the path to quitting. Visit the Quit website for some great resources, plans and advice. I love the 3 step plan. It shows you how much money you are wasting, and what's going into your lungs! And then helps you work out a plan. Or visit your GP. There are many ways to quit smoking, you just have to find the right one for you.

Now to find a way to break my habits. Be warned, they may be replaced with blogging. That wouldn't be so bad would it?


  1. Good luck. You can do it. I smoked for about 6 years from age 18. I gave up when I got pregnant. I've now been smoke free for 20 years.

    I must admit to being a fairly obnoxious anti-smoker now, I really dislike being in a park or outside place enjoying nature and smoke wafts over to spoil it, not to mention the squillions of butts that are lying all over the place.

    But I appreciate it is a hard habit to break. You are lucky to have your husband to support each other. I have heard forming another (healthy) habit is helpful, so I hope we hear more blogging from you. I had to give up coffee and alcohol in order to stop smoking (as they were my surrounding habits).

    You are right to think of your own health to help you give up, but I found thinking of the damage the second hand smoke could do to my own children did it for me.

    My Dad gave up about 30 years ago on a bet for New Years (I wouldn't last 5 minutes that way). Mum had to give up when Dad retired, due to the expense, but found she was sneaking a lot of cigarettes. She gave up the day my 3 year old son told her "Nanny smells" (he didn't mean it in a bad way, just that he could smell the cigarette smoke). I was mortified, but Mum was so upset she didn't smoke again.

    Good luck again. I think you'll be fabulous! Your kids will thank you.

  2. Thanks for your support Jane, it's not easy, but I have a list as long as my arm to give it up, and really, no reaon at all not too. I quit when I was pregnant, but stupidly always started again!
    It's funny, even as a smoker, I too hate that horrible second hand smoke smell! And we ensure it's never near the children, never in the house or car.

    Just another hurdle, that I know we can jump.


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