Saturday, November 12, 2011

{review} Animal People by Charlotte Wood

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Last night I curled up into bed with my "smart technology", E reader/iPad/Kindle...

Doesn't have the same ring to it does it?

Lets try again.

Last night I curled up into bed with a book. A real life, paper pages, ink words book.

There is something comforting about reading a good book. The smell of the pages. A new book with the fresh crisp pages like clean linen, or a well loved book that you found amongst the dust in a second hand bookstore, with yellowing pages that have been turned many times before, and words that have had affairs with eyes before they met yours.

Drifting you away to another place, introducing you to people unknown.

Animal People by Charlotte Wood did just this for me.
With her amazing abundance of descriptive words I was instantly transported to urban life. I could almost feel the warmth. The film of sweat on my body.

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Animal People follows Stephen, a character from Wood's previous novel 'The Children' through a day. A single day filled with twists and turns that have you hanging at each corner.

The story of Stephen, with a goal for the day, to break up with his girlfriend, Fiona.

Throughout the course of the day, however, he finds himself doing some pretty major soul searching, without even knowing it.

I found Stephens human/animal comparisons fascinating, and truly loved exploring each layer of the story, of Stephen's thinking, as each element of his day, and himself, unfolded. It has left me wondering of my own 'animal people' status.

Charlotte Wood's love and passion that has been put into these characters leaves you knowing them, understanding them, connected to them in a way. I found myself really rooting for Fiona, hoping that Stephen would change his mind, not go through with the break up,  yet at the same time I was feeling really sorry for Stephen, especially when he shows completely other side of himself, the softness under his complexities.

The way the words are written, the story is weaved, is a true art, and I think it's a story that I could read many times, and still walk away with a different feeling. A different meaning. A new understanding of something that I missed before.

If you have not read 'The Children' don't be turned off Animal People. It is my first 'Wood' novel also, and I adored it!

And the best part?  You have a chance to adore it too! As I have a copy to give away!

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Entries will be drawn by, or one of my blonde minions, sometime on the  23rd of November.

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  1. Sounds like such a good read! Congratulations on your first giveaway Laura.

  2. You described the book way better than I did Laura. It is a really great book isn't it!

    I am waiting for The Children to arrive in my letter box. Hoping I can understand the charaters a little more by reading it.

  3. Amy I LOVED it! And sitll find myself thinking about it now! I too am now on the hunt for the Children, but I'm not sure I want to read it, I like the complexeties in Stephen so much, and I'm not sure that I want him 'solved' for me.

  4. Great to have your suggestion for a good read - I've missed reading books over the past few months.

    I was also really moved by your tribute to Bill, in a previous post - it reminded me of Mr Keary of Keary's Corner, a child's local landmark many years ago in Sydney.

  5. Just found you via the Three Lil Princesses giveaway linkup, and joined via GFC.

    I love reading so much, and used to read one every few days, but haven't been able to find much time recently with a little one who's crawling everywhere now! You've inspired me to try to make time to begin a book again - I'd love to find a copy (or win??) of this one, it sounds great!

    natalie_bond85 {at} hotmail {dot} com

  6. Just joined you on Facebook too!

  7. I much prefer reading real paper books over the Kindle.

  8. This book sounds like such an interesting read, would love to check it out. Am following via GFC as Di :)
    djchilds at hot mail dot com

  9. Just liked your Facebook page too (FB name is Dianne Childs)

  10. Just finished reading The Children so am dying to read this one!

  11. Would love to read this; thanks for the opportunity!!

  12. Am a liker o your FB page (FB name Michelle Vamvas)

  13. Have tweeted too (twittername queenofcomps)


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