Friday, November 11, 2011

The passing of a one horse town icon. May he Rest In Peace.

I strongly believe today should have been a public holiday in my former, one horse hometown.

An icon, from my childhood, was today laid to rest.

The man that made the best milkshakes in the world, and sold lollies by the cent.

Whilst I could not get back for the funeral, and say my goodbyes, here is my tribute to him.

Dear Bill,

I was saddened this week to hear of your passing, although I am sure it was a blessing. Seeing you in the hospital saddened me no end, and walking past the closed doors of your shop saddened me even more.

I wish my 2 youngest children could have experienced your gentle nature, as I and Schnorbie had, each time we walked past, or called in. Sometimes with carrot's from the vegie patch, sometimes for $1 worth of mixed lollies, and sometimes just to say hi.

I will always remember feeling so rebellious, by defying my parents and sitting 'on Bills step' when I knew I probably shouldn't have been. Although, I will add, that I was never a pain in the arse, and never spilled anything, and never made a mess, and never graffitied the door. I swear!

I think the saddest part of today is that such an iconic person, in that small town, is now gone.
Everyone knew you. Or had heard of you. Or was suggested that they stop in for a milkshake (which were DAMN good).
Every child had been bribed with a bag of mixed lollies at some point in their life.
Every daughter was told not to hang out on the step, like the undesirables.

Every person that has ever lived there, has a memory of you, from their childhood. Even my pop! And as Schnorbie say's, he was born back with the dinosaurs.

I guess, because you had always been there, and never seemed to age a day, we all took it for granted that it would stay that way. That you would always be there. Hanging your head out the door to say hi, or telling us to move along, or giving us a spare bike tyre when we got an unexpected flat.

One thing is for sure, you will always be the heart of that place.
You will never be forgotten.
Thank you.


May your one cent lollies be in abundance, and the milk always icy.

The shop that never ever changed. The same signage is still on it today!

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