Sunday, November 20, 2011

{Guest Post} A night in with kids? | Making it fun & easy

Make more time for this

And take a break from this

The lovely Laura and I have a few things in common. Trying to manage an active household while taking some quality time out is one of the biggest challenges most of us have on a regular basis. It's so silly when you think about it, we all sleep under the same roof and spend more time with each other than anyone else but yet booking in quality family time can sometime seem like an impossible task.

Why Family Time is SO good!

Every individual needs to feel part of something. A close family provides each individual with solidarity and reliance on each other. Children need to feel they belong, that they can rely on someone and feel safe.

Providing positive images of family behaviour and family values are instilled in children at a young age. Making family time fun and interactive can only ever have a positive effect.

Use this time for family discussions. Talking openly and honestly about feelings, problems, or subjects outside the home will make your children feel comfortable to approach you about almost anything.

Early evening activities are the best!

With Summer almost here and daylight savings providing us that extra and oh so nice hour of light and warmth you and the kids can spend some more quality time together doing early evening activities. Whether it's supporting you kids when they go to the tennis court, going to the park playground, a family cycling adventure, going for a family swim or spending some quality time playing a board game outside in the backyard, either way not having to worry or stress about shopping, creating and serving a meal for the family would be a huge relief. That's where the fine folk at Delivery Hero have you covered. Stick to the world’s favourite pizza takeaway or go for something a bit healthier like a Vietnamese dish or sushi. The most important thing about your family time is that you don’t spend time doing household tasks like cooking or cleaning. Put your feet up as a family, and enjoy a night-off together!

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