Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A letter to Mousie

Dear Meghyn May.

Happy second birthday baby doll.

I'm rather shocked that we have made it this far, to be honest, considering the severe lack of sleep we have had since your arrival. But I do like that have got to spend so much time together. In fact, its pretty much every moment of the day and night.

Seriously Mag, eyes open the moment you were born? We should have taken it as a sign of things to come. 

But it's OK. I get it.

Daddy always tells me you are JUST like me. A mini Laura. He is usually not being kind when he says this, you are generally in the middle of a tantrum. Over something ridiculous. Or because someone has said no to you.

But it's OK. I get that too.

Because you know what? As much as I will never admit it to anyone, I see so much of myself in you that I'm not sure if I should laugh at it or cry. We are two pea's in a pod Megs, and that's pretty cool. Even if you have inherited all of my argumentative, odd, eclectic, and head strong traits.

Don't ever stop smelling flowers. Or leaves. Whatever you makes you happy.

It means I know you will always stand up for what you believe in. And what you want. Even if it means arguing your case for 5 years. You will get it. Eventually.  It means that I know you will never be run of the mill, you will always be an individual, a leader not a follower, creating your own paths in life, and doing your own thing, because it makes you happy.

It also means that many people will never understand you, but those that do, will love you forever because of the person that you are.

I will love you forever, because of the person that you are. My mini me. My little Laura. My Megs. My Maggie. My Mousie. My Mooseguts.

My Meghyn May.

You light up my life. You add sparkle to my days.  You make me laugh, and make me cry. You have the most impeccable manners for someone of your size.

Watching you grow this past year has been a delight. Each day learning more and more.

Don't ever let that bright smile fade my darling.

Thank you for coming into our world. I am grateful for your presence each and every day.

I am looking forward to this next year with you My little Megs. Turning 2 brings such bright things to your life. So much to learn. And explore. So many smiles to be had.

I love you my darling girl.

Love Mummy.

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  1. Oh that is so sweet and yu little girl is just adorable ;) xx

  2. Aww happy 2nd bday to the lil darling :) Having a lil girl myself, I find it to be a very good thing to "be like mummy" :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  3. Oh I almost didn't recognise where I was because you've had a mini makeover! Looks lovely!
    Happy 2nd birthday to your gorgeous little girl. What a lovely letter to your Mousie!

  4. Awww, happy second birthday to your baby girl! Love those photos, so sweet.

  5. Happy birthday beautiful girl!

    She is adorable. Such a lovely letter, and I understand it well :)


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