Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cauliflowers : The first instalment

Kids say the funniest things.

My little Wommy often comes out with some hilarious stuff, and today was no exception.

After a crazy morning of a million phone calls trying to find a trampoline within a 400km radius of our house, I finally succeeded.

(more on that later.... maybe)


After the crazy long trip, with 3 kids on tow, who had not had a nap, who were going fighting and screaming and trying to take seat belts off, and playing with the electric windows, and trying to open the doors, not to mention the hidden trampoline in the back, I was starting to think that jumping out the door myself was a perfect idea!

Then I tuned back into the kids in the back, as the crazy sounds had subsided, and I was getting worried.

What I tuned into was Wommy, telling the girls to shhhhh because he had a story to tell them.

This is going to be good, I thought. The kids has an imagination like nothing I have ever met before.
And he didn't let me down.

In fact, it was so good that I don't remember/ didn't hear much past the opening line.

"Once upon a time..... There was a cauliflower"....

That was it. I was gone at that line.

I love it!

I think he went on the eventually get up, but I will get back to you on that.

Stay tuned for the second instalment!

Have your kids told you anything lately that has made you belly laugh? 

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  1. One winter when K was about 3 or 4 I was in the bath and she kept on opening and closing the door so I asked her not to do that because she kept on letting the draft in. She replied "Mommy how is a giraffe going to get in throught the door - he is too tall." - we still crack up about the draft/giraffe now if there is a draft coming in somewhere (she is now nearly 20 !!)


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