Friday, October 28, 2011

Wearing Red, Sharing Empowerment | A day for Daniel

This weekend I will be wearing red.

This weekend I will be helping to empower my children, and yours, by participating in the Day For Daniel walk.

This morning the kidlets and I made our television debut!
We stood up ( and ducked down and danced around, you know what 2 years olds are like) and talked about just WHY this day is so important.

And we looked nothing short of idiots I'm sure. But it was for a damn good cause, so what the hell.

Today I ask you, if you know of a Day For Daniel walk taking place, please join in. Please wear red. And please pop a measly $2 in the box and grab yourself a wrist band, or pen.

It doesn't take much to empower our children. To help to keep them safe. You have just been willing to do not much, rather than nothing.

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