Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Road Trippin Sunday

Over the weekend, we decided to do a little exploring. Go off the beaten track you may say. Literally.

No mobile service. No radio signal. Thank god we found a pub!

And a sweet little school in the middle of nowhere. No,  really in the middle nowhere, not even a town! You pass paddocks, hit a school, and then continue past paddocks.
But they did have super sweet wall!

We found hidden away wet lands, full of bird life. Crops that were shit according to the farmer, and connected with our inner bush lovers. Mine took a while to find!

Anyhow, we did come across these little lovelies, which we don't see too often at this stage in their lives. I wasn't game enough to get out of the car to take any better shots because the parents have a tendency to get all protective and psycho bitch on your arse, and just randomly run at you!

I wont bore you with my whole weekend in one hit, but, I will tell you that I found an old woolshed FULL of GORGEOUS old 'stuff'. So, watch this space if you want to see some of yesteryear that was simply up and left!

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