Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mrs Masterchef

I have these moments, of clouded insanity, and bad judgement, where, for some strange reason, I actually think I can bake.

I get all Donna Hay meets Women's Weekly over lunch with the old CWA ducks.

I defy what the recipe tells me to do. I, Laura, defy what the CWA cookbook is telling me to do!! Who do I think I am? Do I not realise that these women are using recipe's from years gone by, passed down through generations of farmers wives that bake each day during harvest? They have been perfected to perfection, you can't improve on perfect, simply irresistible and the likes?

Well, call me a rebel. I am the non conforming, hippy loving, married to a farmer but not a farmers wife chicky who thinks she knows better! That's who!

Now there's a recipe for your CWA cookbook ladies!

Today I have this urge to bake.  And not conform.

Here's to hoping my new creation works, and if it does, I just might put out a cookbook.

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