Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to buy more shoes | A tip on saving money

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The day I married The Farmer and had a tribe of kids, I kissed goodbye all my dreams of owning a Mini Cooper. At least for the next 15 years.

I had visions of tripping across the country, stopping in for replenishment at Jimmy Choo regularly, and walking along every beach I could find.

The reality is rather shocking in comparison.

Instead of my little green, blue or red (I'm really not fussy) Mini, I now drive a truck! A great big giant white truck in the form of a Toyota Prado. I must say though, as far as car's that can fit my family in them go, my truck was on the top of my list. We can all climb in, and pack all our essentials (prams, bags, port-a-cots, hundreds of dollars in groceries) into the back and still have loads of room. And at least it's a truck, rather than a bus. I don't do bus.

One thing about owning a truck, however, is you need to take out a mortgage to fuel the damn thing!
As the farmer say's, "how can they charge this much for bloody diesel, its just shit fuel anyway".

Well farmer darling, have I got a treat for you.

One thing about the truck, is that it has this awesome little screen inside that tells you all sorts of important stuff, like the outside temperature so you know when to send someone else into the shop, and it has the reversing camera, but it also tells you the fuel consumption, on average, and since you last refuelled. It is amazing to watch the difference in consumption from Diesel bought at different places.

Now you see, The farmer thinks I'm full of it. That it's all the same. That it's different driving conditions that make the difference. (he is wrong by the way!)

I was recently given the scoop on the new Caltex Vortex Premium Diesel.

It has all these great claims, a few of which really tickled my fancy like having anti foaming agents so that it's not so messy when you fuel up. Which is great for me, because I spend way to much money on lovely perfume that all too often get masked by the smell of Diesel.

But, like your regular Premium Fuels, it helps to clean your engine.

Engine? I hear you, I know, this Laura Land, not Top Gear, but let's get a little perspective on this.

Using good Quality fuel, such as Caltex Vortex Premium Diesel, which I would like to add is an AUSTRALIAN FIRST, means a cleaner engine, which means less trips to the garage. It means better fuel economy, which means less fueling up. It means better start up and acceleration, which means that all you rev heads out there can kick some butt at the traffic lights, or us mum's can get straight in and go when we're running late on the school pick up.

But what it means for me, is that I spend LESS money. More money stays in my pocket, freeing our family budget, and waiting for the day that it gets spent on a Mini Cooper. My truck is driving around smiling.

My biggest decision now, is if it's worth telling the farmer to prove him totally wrong about fuel all being the same, or to keep him in the dark so I can spend our new spare cash on shoes. And a Mini Cooper.

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