Sunday, October 16, 2011

How it feels to be an amputee

I love my new house. I just have one whinge. One small whinge.

There is no spot for my PC.

At the moment I have been shoved into a teeny tiny corner in my bedroom. Which is OK for short term computer sessions, if you are the type of person that knows what they are.

I don't.

I have been sitting pretty, leaning up against my bed, surfing away. Today, I did that with my legs crossed.

Bad Bad Bad move. My entire leg went numb. Totally numb. I couldn't feel a thing, and wondered why there was always so much fuss on shows like Rescue: Special Ops, when its all too common that they have to amputate a limb without anaesthesia, seriously guys, just sit on it for a bit, the patient won't feel a thing!

Once I realised that I had lost all blood flow to my foot, I tried to lay down on the floor. It's a seriously odd feeling. And because I couldn't actually place my leg in an appropriate position, it landed where ever the hell it wanted to.

Which happened to be on my keyboard. And whatever bloody button it hit, has made everything on my screen tiny.  And I cannot work out how to get it back to normal!

I think the world is telling me its time to buy a laptop.

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