Thursday, August 25, 2011

Super quick and not dodgy fathers day gift ideas!

Father's day is looming.

I am usually the most unorganised person when it comes to gift buying, I make the day before dash and grab whatever I can find.

This year however, I'm feeling good, with all the move prep, it has forced me to get organised!

Awaiting next Sunday we have:
  • Some kind of gardening/recipe book regarding having an edible garden

  • A super cute framed word scroll using words that the kids chose that relate to their daddy, including cheeky monkey, and cool! (he will love reading that word in there!) You can create your own and print it out at Wordle

  • I am awaiting a hand stamped key ring, that will have we {heart} daddy, followed by {heart} then each childs name on the sides. You can get your own at Stamped-on.

  • Personalised totally cute cards that we made over at Mooo

All super easy, no need to leave home gift idea's, that dad will love! Or at least I hope he will!

For some more super awesome Fathers Day gift ideas head to

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