Thursday, August 4, 2011

A smile not a smirk, and a little PMSL.

Yesterday was the crappiest day in the history of my week!

It was a PMSL kinda day. You know, pre-menstrual syndrome Laura.

I always get a bad case of it. I have heard there is medication for this. I think I am a candidate. And I have The Farmer to back this up. Poor poor man. I really do feel for him and give him a huge High 5 for riding the crimson wave like a pro surfer, and knowing that it won't last forever.

Yesterday my fingers swelled to the point that they were red and itchy and I couldn't close my hand! Somewhere along the way my fingers had morphed into fat into little sausages, and they looked gross! I was not happy.

But today, after I finally managed to get up after a long struggle to open my eyes,(made much better by the gorgeous sunrise I witnessed) and drank truck loads of coffee, and got Schnorbie off to the bus, accompanied by her very protective brother who walks her to the gate all body guard like, and waits for her to board the bus, and waves as she leaves like she is heading off an international flight before heading home, somewhere after all of this, my day got better.

Wommy walked through the gate with a big smile on his face.
"Mum, I have something for you" he said in the sweetest little voice he could muster that instantly melts your heart.
From behind his back he produced the most beautiful bunch of weeds that I ever did see! Bless him.

Once I finished gushing over the giant bunch of weeds that are now in a vase in the kitchen, he smiled again, and exclaimed " I have something else for you".

Wow, it's my lucky day, a giant bunch of hand -picked-full-of-love weeds and there is still MORE!

He threw his hands into his pockets, rummaged around for a bit, and pulled out 5 of the best rocks he had seen on his 200 metre journey!

He sure knows how to melt my heart.

So in true PMSL style, I cried. Which is better than literally crying over spilt milk like I did yesterday.

I phoned one of my bestest friends, and explained all of the above, between sobs.

And he simply told me "Laura, the world is smiling at you today".

And he is right. Today the world is smiling at me. 

Either that or it's making up for the fact that it turned my fingers into fat sausages last night.

But I'm going to go with smiling.

I hope the world is smiling at you today too. And if it isn't, get up early tomorrow and watch the sunrise, you can't miss the smile then. :)

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