Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Diamonds

I been inspired! A post all about finding the diamonds in your week. Such a great idea, and a great way to remember that amongst all the crap that can be thrown at you, there is still diamonds amongst the rough of the week that was.

So today I am jumping on board and following Mum-ments with her My Diamonds idea.

Most of my diamonds haven't been too hard to spot lately.

We sold the 'other' house and got all cashed up!

We signed the contract in the new house! YAY!

This also means the start to packing, which in itself isn't that great, but it means a good chance to clear out some crap, and get a little more organised! Or at least, that's the intention.

I was surprised by The Farmer with a gorgeous, new, limited edition DSLR. Bless him! It is my new love, and can now be found with lenses permanently protruding from my head.

We now own the truck! By truck I mean giant Toyota Prado. When you are as short as me, it's like driving a Semi!

My baby girl has been peer voted Class Captain for the term! A super achievement!

Through all of the rubbish that the week had presented me with, I must say, I am loving thinking about the diamonds.
Thank you Mum-Ments!

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