Thursday, August 4, 2011

First World Problem. Packing Edition.

Whilst packing, the question has arisen :


I know, 1st world problem, right?

So here they are my 1st world whinges... in regards to packing.

: Where the hell did all these hooded towels come from? I surely didn't buy more than two. So how did we end up with over 10? I only have 3 kids! The next person that buys my kids a hooded beach towel will find it shoved somewhere unpleasant, which isn't my current mouse infested lined press!

: On the note of hooded towels, where the hell did the rest of these 30 odd beach towels come from? We live 8 hours from the beach!

: The whole recycling thing around here has killed my ability to pack. I can longer freely get cardboard boxes as people are taking their groceries home in them!

: Thank you mouse plague and above grocery buyers for making me have to spend $15 PER giant plastic tub just to pack into! My hooded towel collection takes up one itself!

: How many wine/champagne/beer glasses does a person really need? Seriously. 

: Anyone wanna buy a pony? Cos she ain't coming to town!  Comes with horse float, all tack, and attitude included!

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