Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And the truth comes out, thank you census.

So, the census lady dropped our census pack off the other day.

And I am just a touch, ok really really devestated.
As if it wasn't enough that Mousie's birth certificate say's she is from Bogan Gate for LIFE, now, the census is going to register us as official BOGAN'S!

We dont move for a few more weeks. Maybe a week after census night.

Insert my tears here

Living here comes with it's own set of issues. 
Whenever I order anything online, they always think I'm making a joke when I put my postal address in. To make it worse, I don't have a street address or number, simply a property name. I constantly get email after email asking me to check my postal address.

And, we only get mail 3 x a week. Which drives me nuts.

We are about 20km's from Bogan. And rarely go there. Actually I only go there when people send me parcels because my stupid posty man is a pig, and refuses to bring them to me. And I don't say pig lightly. He almost T-boned me one day! Over mail box placement!

It does have a school, a population of maybe 100, a pub, and a railway station. That's about it.
And no, my kids dont go to Bogan Public :)

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you today, because people so often think I am just being funny. Sadly I'm not. It exists. This is photographic proof. And I live here. Meh.

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