Sunday, July 3, 2011

The things you get used to, without even realising it.

I have been a mum for over 8 years. 8 years of NEVER showering alone. 8 years of being up early each morning. 8 years of cooking healthy nutritious meals all night. 8 years laughter. 8 years of constant company.

So you can imagine the shock my system got this weekend when The Farmer and all 3 kiddies packed up for the weekend and went to visit Grannie and Opa, and left me at home!

The first time in 8 years that I have been alone. The first time in this house that it has just been me.

I cleaned my lounge room on Friday. It's still clean today!!

I read a 3 week old Sunday paper yesterday afternoon, had porridge for tea (which I haven't eaten since I lived with my parents!), watched a movie in front of the fire and went to bed at 10.30pm. That whole big old bed to myself. And I didn't have to get up once! I couldn't quite bring myself to turn off the kitchen light though, (we always leave it on as we are up most of the night, and so the bigger 2 can find their way to the bathroom).

I have cleaned the ENTIRE house (including underneath the dishwasher), I have ironed ALL the clothes, I have shampooed the carpet, I have thrown out soooo much from the kids room's while they aren't here to stop me. Life is grand.

But I must admit, I am truly hanging out for cuddles when they get home!

Whilst I love no toys on my floor, I miss the laughter and giggles.

Whilst I love my clean bathroom and long baths alone, I miss having twinkle little star serenaded to me while I'm in there and help with washing my legs.

Whilst I love not having to prepare meals, I miss baking for my special people.

Whilst I love having only one bed to make in the morning, I miss tucking little toes in, and goodnight kisses.

Whilst I love how warm my house is because doors aren't being left open, I miss cute little bodies rugged up in dressing gowns and slippers.

Whilst I can phone people and have adult conversations, I miss not being able to say words like 'yesh', 'special lankie', 'hangry', 'bobby' and 'mookie' without sounding like a dickhead and no-one understanding me!

I miss them.

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