Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A place we call home

As we will be moving soon, I thought it high time I stopped cursing this place, and calling it some pretty unsightly words, and embrace it for it's underlying charm and beauty.

Leaving here will be both happy and sad for me. Happy because my 100 year old homestead doesn't fit us.

Because I'm over the drive to town, as beautiful as it.

Because I'm sick of the mice that have made our house their home too through this plague.

Because I'm tired of things breaking, I spent way too much time without water out here!

But, I am sad for a few reasons too, reasons that really tug on my heart strings, reasons that might make me actually shed a tear as I drive out that old rusted and rickety gate for the last time.

This was our first home that wasn't in the town I grew up in, that I had lived in for all of my life.

This is the house we brought Mousie home from  the hospital to.

This is the house where I cried and cried on the lawn the day my pop said goodbye after helping us move, and the reality that he couldn't just pop in daily for a coffee like he had my entire life really hit me. Not the greatest memory to some, but a reminder to me just how much that man means to me.

So here it is, my surroundings. The place we currently call home.

My bamboo wind chimes. I love the sound of these as the wind blows through, no buildings around to stop it.

The old rain water tank beside the house. I had never noticed it's beauty before, tucked in behind the overgrown Ivy.


This beautiful old home stands a few K's down the road. I have admired it from the day we moved. There is something fascinating about it. Complete with sheep.

Yep, that is an original mile stone!

And the other side.

A teeny tiny bush Church, also just doesn't the road, fronting onto a state forest. Literally in the middle of nowhere! So cute, we had big intentions of having mousie baptised there, but nearly 2 years later and we still haven't found the time.

Old ceramic wine or maybe it's port jugs. I found these cheap as chips at a garage sale one day, and decided that I simply HAD to have them. They have lived at my front gate ever since because I have no room in the house for them.

An old wooden rickety bridge, over a little tiny creek, which at the moment is merely a stream. It's been all fenced off and is no longer safe by any standard, but it is truly beautiful!

And last but not least.....

My babies, walking back from the bus stop.

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