Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The life and times of The Dinosaur Egg Rock

My little Wommy had a bit of a rock obsession. He collects them. He studies them. He LOVES them! Every time we go somewhere he has to bring a rock home. Even if it's just a quick handful of gravel from the side of the road! It seems every time I vacuum the car that's all I suck up. Blasted rocks!

The farmer went out farming yesterday (as opposed to sitting in his office 'working' whilst trawling eBay, at least, I'm sure that's all he does in there).
He brought home a rock.
OK, I will admit it, a pretty cool rock by brown, paddock rock standards.
It is shaped a bit egg like. BIG egg that is.  A present for the Wom.

Needless to say, he was pretty chuffed!

So much so in fact that The Rock had a shower last night. Used soap and everything.
Then sat at my dinner table where I was promptly instructed to give it a plate of our gorgeously cooked fish, chips and salad also.
He also got tucked into bed with all 3 kids last night.

I must give this Rock some credit however. This morning when Wommy was packing away his toys (after the 5th time of me requesting it be done), I was informed that the Rock was helping to pack away too. Hey, I will happily feed anyone who is going to pull their weight around here!

So now, here I am, with one Little Miss Mousie sound asleep, One Master Wommy worn out, and One napping Rock, all warm and tucked into bed!

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