Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hours to kill.

What a wonderful morning. I have been woken with cofee Thankyou. and 15 minutes after being out of bed I am already down one child! (Wommy has gone farming, 'you know mum, I'm sorry but I have to go to work, you know, to see the cotton pickers and stuff'). Surely my little man isn't big enough for a full day out without his mummy? 'Working' none the less.

Scnorby will be off to school soon, after a late night with yet another asthma attack. Sheesh it's a tiresome and scary thing.

So it's just me and mousie today :). Time for some much needed mummy and daughter time that we so rarely get.

On our list for the day:

Actually get to town by 9am to try out a new playgroup.
Bake some cupcakes while Mousie has a nap
Tackle laundry mountain
Have loads of cuddles, laughs, smiles, and sunshine.

Whats on your list for the day? Do you ever get surprised by 'losing' a child for the day?