Thursday, April 7, 2011

Drawing the line.

I read a post this morning on of my favourite blogs Be a Fun Mum.

Where to draw the line. It seems that everybody has their own line drawn. And some people have no line at all.  This was evident in the news yesterday, regarding a school in Melbourne that airbrushed the school photos. Right down to changing the girls hairstyles!

Hearing that made me really sad and angry. Hearing the girls talking, seeing how upset they were, some in tears, made me wonder how I would feel if this happened to my daughter. I didn't have to wonder for too long.

My daughter is beautiful. She has bright blue eyes, gorgeous blonde hair, that is slowly growing darker with each hair cut, a beaming smile that lights up the world, with a few gaps thrown in care of the tooth fairy!
While she is only in Grade 2 I already love to look back at her school photos and see the changes in her as she grows, too fast, into a young lady.

'This is the year that you cut your own fringe'.

'This is the year that you lost your first tooth, and then the other 3 just before the photo's were taken'.

'Look how much your hair has grown since kinder!".

I love it. And I can't even begin to imagine the embarrassment my fondness for school photo's is going to cause all my babies when they are all grown up.

I would be devastated to find out that the school airbrushed her pictures! That they took some of those memories away from me, and tried to replace them with their ideal.

And that's what it comes down to, that is the bigger picture here. This school is teaching these children what most parents are trying to undo. That YOU are PERFECT just the way you are. YOU are gorgeous, pretty, amazing and wonderful, simply because you are YOU.
Beauty isn't about makeup, it isn't about your hair style, it isn't about trying to cover up growing up and all the nasty things that it entails.

Airbrushing in magazines is bad enough. It draws a line that is unachievable for women. It makes women feel that they always need to be more, do more. That they aren't amazing the way they are. And young girls look to these people, these airbrushed images, to work out their ideal. Their ideal body weight/shape/hair colour/height and the list goes on.

And now, to add to that fake ideal, they are airbrushing school photos. They are telling teenage girls that THEY aren't good/pretty/perfect enough for a SCHOOL PHOTO!

I am sorry private school that I will not name, but you DISGUST me. You DEGRADE these children, and women at large.

I am so glad that I take the time each day to tell my daughters that I love them, and that they are perfect and beautiful. And if you are a mother of a child, please be sure to let them know that too. And tell them I said so too!

That's where I draw the line. At my children. I draw the line at their need to be children. At their need to grow up and learn along the way. Sure, my line probably moves with situations, but thats OK, life is situational. I sleep well knowing that my daughters know they are beautiful just the way they are.

'There is only one beautiful child in the world, and every mother has it'.

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