Monday, February 7, 2011


I am not a gardener. I have absolutely no green thumb. Strange, when you consider I married a farmer and agronomist ( for those you that are arent up on your G.R terminology, its a plant and dirt Dr pretty much).

I'm pretty talented really, you give me something green, and I have this ability to turn it brown and crunchy in a matter of days.
I cant even remember to turn our sprinkler system on. YEP, I am that bad.

BUT, I have triumphed! The fear of God has turned me into a gardener. Ok maybe not God himself, but the fear of my Nan, and FIL certainly has.

My FIL has this plant you see, that has been in living room for hmmm, I think they worked out 25 years. It is one of those creeping as it grows type of plants. The kids arent aloud to touch it, you have to be UBER careful when in that room so as not to damage the plant. Then the painter came. And broke it. (Not too sure if the said painter is still able to work after that... ) so I got a little bit of the plant, all potted up lovely like. It has lived on my fridge ever since. I occasionally remember that its there and water it.

So we are now, my FIL and I, in a race to see who can get theirs the longest. And I must say, mine is BIG! Even without water.  As the farmer would say, imagine what it would be like if you watered it!

My Nan also recently gave me some plants.

I begged her not too!

I told her I will kill them.

She wouldnt listen.

And now, here I am , 3 weeks later, and they are STILL alive! And not just alive, but thriving and happy.
And I water them!

The fear of having to tell her that I killed the damn things is too much for me. So they are now like my babies, nurtured and sung too and fed. And they love it!

BTW, I am totally beating my FIL in the mine is bigger than yours race! hehe.

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