Thursday, February 10, 2011

Single Mamma's, I Salute You!

I am doing the independant parenting thing for some of this week. The Farmer is away for work, hosting a conference or some other G.R thing that would be equally as exciting for the liked of me.

For those of you who don't know - G.R = Goat Rooter. Yes bad, I know, *slaps hand* but it has been my terminolgy for cowboys, you know the type that I said I was never going to marry. But more on that later.

So with the farmer away I am missing his presence, and really realising how much he helps me out. Although when he is here, I often don't see it that way.

He get's the kids up, and in the shower, and usually packs the lunch's before even waking me. He makes my coffee. He fills in the blanks through the afternoon and evening for me. If I am cooking he will do baths, or vica versa. We really do work like a well oiled machine, so well oiled, that I often forget that it's happen.
And now I am feeling like I am missing an arm! Or a leg.

My Morning's are chaos, by 9am I have already decided that it's 2 minute noodles for dinner. Which the kids think is freaking awesome because they never get that for dinner, and it doesnt contain veges, but it always leaves me with a bit of guilt.
Meanwhile Mousie just screams. and screams. Wommy turns my lounge room into a farm. And Schnorbie is the amazing little helper that she is always is.

But, always, when The Farmer isn't here, things go wrong. Always. This time, it was Mousie. She found some Uber awesome little tubes of acrylic paint. The kind that comes with those canvases with the design on them that you paint, and Voila, instant Picasso. So, I am washing up, and along come Mousie, 'ta's ' it to me, all is well. The I notice the paint drip. She has chewed a hole in it. Oh joy.

Then I look at the polished floor boards in the kitchen. 

White Paint.

Then I look at Mousie.

White Paint.

Then I look at everywhere she been (carpet, tiles, LOUNGE!!!)

White bloody paint!!!

I haven't yet been game enough to tell The Farmer about that aspect of the day. I might wait until he gets back.

To top off a great day, I am scared of the dark when I am home alone, so freaked out.
The dogs barked, so I freaked out.
I heard something on the roof, so I freaked out.

I slept with a phone beside my bed, just in case.

So, single mammas, today I salute you. I could not do this regularly. And I take my hat off to people who can manage to pull it off. It's HARD!

I must remember to thank the father of my children and my darling husband, my right hand man, when he gets home. For all the little things that he does that I so easily forget and take for granted. Love that man xx

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