Sunday, February 6, 2011

The art of the opinion.

This post is being written with the gorgeous Lori from rrsahm in mind. Lori, remember, no matter bad the days get, how long the dark of night may seem, we are all behind you, lifting you up.

Sometimes they need to be said, sometimes they are never heard, and sometimes they should be kept to yourself.

The opinion. Yes, we all have one, regarding any topic it seems.

I have been a long time lover of Lori over at Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum and have laughed through so many of her blog posts. She tells it like it is. Always has. And that is what I love about her.  What makes me keep going back!

Recently, Lori and her family have been through a terrible trauma   are going through a terrible trauma. A horrible loss.
While I cant actually still sit here and say that I have enjoyed reading her blog lately, because, lets face it, who likes to see a human being going through the turmoil that she currently is, but I can say that it has been utterly refreshing.

Refreshing to see someone being real. Refreshing, and comforting for me to see someone going through the same motions that I have in the past when it comes to loss, grief, trauma and PTSD.
It has also been heart wrenching. You can feel her pain as you read.

The sad part is, that so many people have voiced an opinion on what she is doing, saying, and how she is reacting! 

So, here is my opinion...

To the people that don't like what Lori is saying, that don't think she should be talking about it at all, please remember what makes people end up in situations like this in the first place - Keeping it in. She is not on national news, she isn't in your lounge room talking to you. YOU are making a concious choice to read. If you feel so strongly against her, dont look. It really is that simple.

To you Lori, I say congratulations. Congratualtions on having the strength that many cant muster to talk through what you feeling. To even be able to talk about it at all!

Thankyou for ALWAYS keeping it real. For simply being you, no matter what the topic. 

Thankyou for telling the world about such a taboo subject, in a way that lets people see the aftermath of actions. I truly think that you may have saved people from going through what you are. And will in the future.

Remember to keep your words sweet, you never know when you may have to eat them.

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