Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Generation Sunny!

What is wrong with the world these days?
I mean seriously, what the HELL is going on?
This post has been working its way around my head for a while now, but tonight, its exploding.

It seems I have read one too many blog posts over the past week while being stuck at home due to flood water. And it has done my head in.
While, by writing this, I am probably not any better than the people that have come before me, but I do feel that I have a message to get out there, and it's not the one that is being sent through so many 'mummy blogs' lately!

Now, the parenting judgment has been going on for a while, and I must admit, that I can get caught up in it too, especially having an early childhood background, its very easy to pick up peoples flaws, but I have learnt to not judge. That parenting isn't as easy as it may seem on the outside. Take a deeper look......

What has really P****d me off though, is hearing EVERYONE putting mothers down. For sooooo many different reasons! It truly is disgusting. Who cares which school your child goes to, What school shoes you buy for them, if they have brand name bloody socks! Seriously!!!

We are so busy putting each other down, and picking on our own, and other peoples faults, while at the same time using a quote that I'm sure has hit every mummy blog that I have seen

                             .... ' We are raising the next generation'.....

We certainly are. And this is something we should be mindful of. But, I ask you to look at it in a different light to others, I ask you to think about this.

We are raising the next generation.
We need to show them how to be the best person THEY can be. Not be better than their neighbour.
We need to teach them love and happiness. Tolerance and kindness.
We need to teach them friendship, to stand together. To fight for their beliefs.
We need to teach them to never give up.

To teach them this, we need to show them this!

The next generation will learn through our actions.

So rather than criticising your neighbour for the way they might be parenting, because they are after all bringing up the next generation, remember, you are bringing UP the next generation also. And the next generation is watching YOU!.

If you want to join a brilliant group of women, who always look for the sun, and try and find the rays in every cloud, you need to join the Sunny Mummy Sisterhood! Help us to spread the rays, and teach the next generation that sunshine really is good for you! Help to bring UP the next generation.


  1. Here here! Glad to be RAISING UP the next generation with YOU x

  2. great thoughts! hope you are feeling a little better getting them out and know that you are not alone in your frustrations :)

  3. Perfect piece I agree with you 100%


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