Monday, November 29, 2010

Birthdays and Busy!

Life has been so crazy here lately! We have had so many visitors (which has been LOVELY) and with school winding up and preparing for xmas I feel that I have barely seen the light of day!
Oh wait, hold on, thats right, now I remember where those last few weeks have gone... I WENT INTO BUSINESS!!! Yep, website completed, gorgeous products sourced and being sourced and Little Willows is now officially open for business! ( So if you are looking for something unique, pretty, practical and affordable for xmas stop by for a look *plug plug*).

After all the years out here with no rain, we finally have a broken drought.... but it has decided to really break while everyone is trying to harvest, which means that they cant, which means they aren't much better off than they were in drought! Ah the joys of life and the things we cant control!

We recently celebrated Miss Maggies 1st ever 'Happy Day'!!! It was full of excitment from everyone and she had sucha  wonderful day - in between naps!

I visited my sister the weekend before Maggies b'day and lucky I did, as I found the most devine little dress in a childrens boutique that suits her down to the ground! Isn't it funny how kids have their own style from so early on, Miss Elliot is very hip, funky and fashionable, she looks gorgeous in bright colours and groovy outfits! Little Maggie however is the Vintage and classic queen!  Floral? Yes. Handknits? Hell YES! Outfits my father wore as a baby? Oh my YES YES YES!

So for her Happy Day I managed to find this little number and it was Maggie to a T!

In the all the hustle and bustle we have had lately, now, at the end of post, I am remembering again why I am truly blessed! What an amazing few weeks we have had, what huge accomplishments we have made, and how lucky are we to have each other!

With much love.... until next time....

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