Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little Pleasures

I stayed up way too late last night! When we hit the pillows, for some reason we started talking about how we met, how we fell in love, how, while it didn't seem like it at the time, we were engaged at the blink of an eye (ummm 4 months!) and how we have always done things a bit different from the rest of the world but we wouldn't change a thing!

My dear husband packed his overnight bag and headed out the door early this morning. I am NOT a morning person! When I have to get up early, I enjoy that I did, and think I should do it everyday. Then every other day arrives, and the call of sleep is far too great.
So hubby partially wakes me with a kiss this morning, at not quite 6am. He must have been able to tell that I was in no way ready to get up. I heard something about 'I will call you and wake you up when I get to Trundle'.

This I must say IS the nicest way to start a morning. And he does it whenever he is away. Sometime between 6-7am, when he gets a spare 5mins, he calls home, the phone is generally answered with a mumble or a grunt, and then I eventually become concious and get woken with the sound of his voice telling me that he loves me and its a beautiful day!

He also knows, that when he is at home, not to bother waking me unless the kettle is on, as if I cant hear that noise, there is no chance of getting me out of bed!

While I am the first to admit, that I do have those 'I want, I need, We should go......' moments, and while I know that I am spoilt rotten by my darling family, it's these things I truly treasue.

These are the things that truly make me know that I am deeply loved. 

The things that I can keep safely in my heart, not my jewellery box.

These are just some of lifes Little Pleasures.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Whilst hanging out my washing today, I stopped for a moment, just long enough to take a deep breath, and I was overcome by a gorgeous scent coming from somewhere in my garden.
I took a walk around the house, and realised rather quickly, that spring was certainly apon us!

Just take a look at the Grape vine that grows around my verandah.

It was simply gorgeous. I grabbed my camera and started noticing so much more about my little world out here, in the middle of nowhere.

All the rain that we have had has done wonders for the garden, and the acres of plants that call it home. I must admit though, I'm don't have the greenest of thumbs, and the rain has caused some of it to look more like a jungle, and I have a little feeling that it will stay that way for a little while yet.
My whole yard is filled with an abundance of colour and such a wide array of scents! It truly is a gorgeous place to be at the moment. 

Look! My sweet peas are flowering!!!!

Oh and I mentioned Jungle before didn't I??
Yep, Thats my jungle! It is right underneath a gorgeous old rain water tank, so it gets lots of water!

I also found....... BABY CHICKENS!!!! Well, I heard them at least, I couldn't convince Barbara (the mummy hen) to move without possibly pecking me, so I left them for the minute... I also found mamma duck sitting on a nest of about 20 eggs!!!! And they are seriously the most gorgeous ducks in the world!

Are you convinced yet that the world really IS a gorgeous place??

The Story

I like to think that I am lucky. Whilst I have been through a lot in my almost 27 years of life, all of these things have shaped me to be the person that I am today. And I LOVE it.

My Mum got sick when I was a teenager, and it turned into a very long drawn out process of our entire world changing! Mum was sick for 5 years, eventually passing when she 39 years of age. This isn't something I like or enjoy talking about, maybe one day I will be strong enough and brave enough to share her story.
It is however, her story, that has made me think about MY story.

When mum passed, she had planned her funeral for us, which was somewhat nice, but made it so much harder, knowing that we were there to say goodbye to her, when she had planned this as a goodbye to us. My 2 sisters and I carried symbols of life to her casket, and layed them apon - another thing she had organised. I carried a small gum tree branch, as she always loved being outside, grew up on the river and brought her family up on the river banks. My younger sister carried a Willow tree branch, as our driveway, the house she had always dreamed of living in since she was a little girl and eventually got to own, was lined with the most gorgeous Weeping Willows I have ever seen. My babiest sister carried a family photo, with ALL of us in it - mum, dad, myself and the 2 girls, the 2 labradores, her pet cockatoo and her pet black pig!
It was a very memorable moment in my life, and a very touching one.

While I was thinking of her story, I realised, I want to share my Symbols of life NOW, I dont want it to be a representation of me when I'm gone, I want to share life as its happening!

And this is where I am going to do it.
My Symbols of Life, as I LIVE it.